SendGrid Marketing Campaigns Destination

SendGrid Marketing Campaigns provides email marketing automation for businesses. With Segment you can add contacts and lists to SendGrid Marketing Campaigns.

Getting started

  1. From the Segment web app, click Catalog, then click Destinations.
  2. Find the Destinations Actions item in the left navigation, and click it.
  3. Click Configure SendGrid Marketing Campaigns.
  4. Select an existing Source to connect to SendGrid Marketing Campaigns (Actions).
  5. In the destination settings, enter your SendGrid Marketing Campaigns “API key” into the connection settings. You should create a new API key for the Segment destination. You can read more about API keys on Marketing Campaigns’s docs.

Destination Settings

Setting Description
API Key Required.

The Api key for your SendGrid account.

Available Actions

Build your own Mappings. Combine supported triggers with the following SendGrid Marketing Campaigns-supported actions:

Mapping limits per destination

Individual destination instances have support a maximum of 50 mappings.

Upsert Contact

Add or update a Contact in SendGrid.

Upsert Contact is a Cloud action.

Click to show / hide fields

Field Description
Batch Data to SendGrid Contacts PUT API Type: BOOLEAN

When enabled, the action will use the SendGrid Contacts PUT API to perform the batch operation. Batches can contain up to 30k records in a request.

First Name Type: STRING

The contact’s first name.

Last Name Type: STRING

The contact’s last name.

Country Type: STRING

The contact’s country.

Postal Code Type: STRING

The contact’s postal code.

City Type: STRING

The contact’s city.

State Type: STRING

The contact’s state.

Address Line 1 Type: STRING

The contact’s address line 1.

Address Line 2 Type: STRING

The contact’s address line 2.

Phone Number Type: STRING

The contact’s phone number.

WhatsApp Type: STRING

The contact’s WhatsApp.


The contact’s LINE ID.

Facebook ID Type: STRING

The contact’s Facebook ID.

Unique Name Type: STRING

The contact’s unique name.

Identity Type: STRING

The contact’s identity.

Email Address* Type: STRING

The contact’s email address.

Other Fields Type: OBJECT

Additional fields to send to SendGrid. On the left-hand side, input the SendGrid Custom Fields Id. On the right-hand side, map the Segment field that contains the value.

Custom Fields must be predefined in your SendGrid account and you can retrieve corresponding Id using get all field definitions endpoint.

Reference: Get All field definitions

Recording Custom User Traits

If you want to view any other custom user traits in the Marketing Campaigns list dashboard, you must create a Custom Field inside Marketing Campaigns’s UI of the traits in your identify calls. Note that you do not need to map all user.traits you are sending inside Marketing Campaigns. You only need to create Custom Fields of the traits you want to see in your list view.

Custom Fields

To send custom fields/user traits to Marketing Campaigns you need to create the field first in Marketing Campaigns for each trait you want sent to Marketing Campaigns. Then when you call identify with keys that match those traits they will appear in your Marketing Campaigns list.

For any other custom traits just add a Custom Field inside of SendGrid Marketing Campaigns with a tag that matches the key you are using in your identify call.

Recording userId

To record a Segment userId in SendGrid Marketing Campaigns, you must pass the userID as a trait on your identify() calls. SendGrid does not automatically map the Segment userID to any Marketing Campaigns properties.

This page was last modified: 06 Dec 2023

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