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Technical Support

Email support is available for all Segment support plans. If you’re experiencing problems, have questions about implementing Segment, or want to report a bug, you can fill out the support contact form and the Success Engineering team will get back to you.

You need a Segment account to file a support request. If you don’t have one, sign up for a free workspace and then send your request.

Segment Support Business Hours

For more information about the Segment Support Team’s hours and holidays see Twilio Support business hours.

Segment University

Segment University is Segment’s free, online classroom for learning the basics of Segment.

Analytics Academy

Analytics Academy is a series of lessons designed to help you understand the value of analytics as a discipline. Analytics Academy will help you think through your analytics needs so you can start creating robust and flexible analytics systems.


Wondering what you can do with Segment? Check out Segment Recipes for inspiration on what you can achieve by connecting your Segment workspace to different Destinations, from tailored onboarding emails to joining and cleaning your data with third-party tools.

Other Resources

Head over to Segment Resources for Segment case studies, webinars, courses, and more.

Status Page

The Segment Status Page offers details about system metrics and reports on uptime for each part of the Segment product. You can subscribe to receive updates about ongoing incidents and view information about past incidents.

This page was last modified: 28 Jun 2023

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