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Protocols is available as an add-on for Business plans only.
See the available plans, or contact Support.

You can forward Violations (data that does not conform to your Protocols tracking plan) to a Segment Source to enable custom notifications, dashboards and further analysis in any Segment destination that accepts cloud-mode data.

To set up forwarding, navigate to the settings tab of the Source, then Schema Configuration. Select the source you’ll forward events to from the Forwarding Settings Violations dropdown. Similar to Blocked Event forwarding, Segment recommends that you create a new Source for violations.

Screenshot of the Violations setting on the Source settings tab.

Violations are sent to the selected Source as analytics.track() calls. The call payload includes the following properties, along with the and context.library objects to aid in filtering violations.

      "context": {
        "app": null,
        "library": {
          "name": "analytics-node",
          "version": "2.1.0"
      "event": "Violation Generated",
      "integrations": {},
      "messageId": "sch-Vir1JNrorwlBmCHrHWuPJekMx5c59T7c",
      "properties": {
        "appVersion": "",
        "eventMessageID": "node-YhqA1DK9mgV55INDzOSd542fCFbIkc1o",
        "eventName": "Order Completed",
        "eventSentAt": "2018-08-23T21:35:02.85860964Z",
        "eventTimestamp": "0001-01-01T00:00:00Z",
        "eventType": "track",
        "sourceID": "dInN1HJ4bi",
        "sourceName": "Acme Store",
        "sourceSlug": "acme_store_test",
        "trackingPlanID": "rs_16KrwVbouFLrYbDkGh4LNslkrNp",
        "trackingPlanName": "Acme Ecommerce TP",
        "violationDescription": "properties.products is required",
        "violationField": "properties.products",
        "violationType": "Required"
      "receivedAt": "2018-09-05T23:05:25.862826965Z",
      "timestamp": "2018-09-05T23:05:25.862826855Z",
      "type": "track",
      "userId": "schema-violations",
      "forwardedFromProject": "dInN1HJ4bi"

Billing Note: Enabling Violation forwarding generates one (1) additional MTU in your workspace, total. If you are on an API billing plan, you are charged for the increased API volume generated by the forwarded violations.

Schema and debugger Note:Violation Generated events do not appear in the source’s Schema tab. They do appear as Violation Generated events in the debugger.

This page was last modified: 03 Aug 2023

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