Redshift Reverse ETL Setup

Set up Redshift as your Reverse ETL source.

To set up Redshift with Reverse ETL:

  1. Log in to Redshift and select the Redshift cluster you want to connect with Reverse ETL.
  2. Follow the networking instructions to configure the correct network and security settings.
  3. Run the SQL commands below to create a user named segment.

     -- create a user named "segment" that Segment will use when connecting to your Redshift cluster.
     CREATE USER segment PASSWORD '<enter password here>';
     -- allows the "segment" user to create new schemas on the specified database. (this is the name you chose when provisioning your cluster)
     GRANT CREATE ON DATABASE "<enter database name here>" TO "segment";
  4. Follow the steps listed in the Add a source section to finish adding Redshift as your source.

Extra Permissions

Give the segment user read permissions for any resources (databases, schemas, tables) the query needs to access.

Give the segment user write permissions for the Segment managed schema (__segment_reverse_etl), which keeps track of changes to the query results.


Extraction failures: relation does not exist

If you are able to run the query in the Query Builder, but the sync fails with the relation does not exist error, please make sure the schema name is included before the database table name, and check that the schema name is correct:

SELECT id FROM <schema_name>.<table_name>

This page was last modified: 06 Jul 2023

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