Identity & Access Management Overview

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Advanced Access Management is available for all Business plans.
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Segment’s access management tools let Workspace Owners manage which users can access different parts of their Segment workspaces. The Access Management page has three tabs: Users (team members), User Groups, and Tokens.

Access settings are applied at the workspace level. A Segment user can have access to one or more workspaces and can have different roles in each workspace. Users access their Segment account with either email/password credentials, their Twilio credentials, or by using Single Sign On.

Exporting a workspace’s user list

Workspace Owners can download a CSV list of users who have access to a specific workspace (including their roles) from the Access Management page in the Segment app.

You can select a user in the table to see their roles. Check out the Roles documentation for more details.

Twilio Unified Login

With Twilio Unified Login, Twilio users can use their Twilio email, password, and authentication settings to access several Twilio products, including Segment. Once you link your Segment account to your Twilio credentials, you can access Segment directly from the Twilio console using the Twilio Product Switcher.

Twilio Product Switcher

You can access Segment from the Twilio Console using the Product Switcher. For more information, view the Twilio support article Getting Started with the Unified Login and Product Switcher.

User settings

Twilio Unified Login users can manage their Segment user settings, including name, email, password, and 2FA settings, directly in their Twilio account. To learn more about Twilio’s user and password policies, review Twilio’s Account Management documentation.

Segment Users and SSO/SCIM

Existing Segment users can still use their credentials to access Segment.

Segment continues to support SSO and SCIM, as users who need to access an SSO enabled workspace will be directed to authenticate through the configured Identity Provider.

This page was last modified: 04 Dec 2023

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