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You can use the Profiles CSV Uploader to add or update user profiles and traits. This page contains guidelines for your CSV upload and explains how to upload a CSV file to Engage.

CSV file upload guidelines

Keep the following guidelines in mind as you upload CSV files to Twilio Engage:

  • You can only upload .csv files.
  • Files can’t be empty and must have at least one header and one row.
  • You can’t have multiple columns with the same header.
  • CSV files cannot exceed 1 million rows (plus one header row), 299 columns, or 100 MB in file size.
  • You can only upload one file at a time.
  • Add an identifier column or anonymous_id in your identity resolution configuration.
  • Leave any unknown values blank to avoid bad data. Engage can create a user profile from a single identifier in your CSV.
  • The template won’t include duplicate custom traits, traits with trailing, leading, or multiple consecutive spaces between characters, or unallowed characters.
  • Custom traits column headers are case-sensitive. For example, first Name, FIRST Name, and First Name would all be different traits in the template.
  • Trailing, leading, or multiple consecutive spaces between characters are not allowed.
  • The CSV uploader shares Unify product limits.

Upload a CSV file

Use the Upload CSV page to upload a CSV file in your Segment space:

  1. Navigate to Unify > Profile explorer or Engage > Audiences > Profile explorer.
  2. Click +Add Profiles.
  3. Download and fill out the CSV template.
  4. Upload your CSV file.

1. Download your CSV template

Click Download Template to download a CSV template with identifier columns from your identity resolution configuration.

2. Fill out your CSV file

Enter values for the identifiers in your CSV file.

3. Upload your CSV file

Upload a CSV file to Twilio Engage in two ways:

  • Drag and drop the CSV file in the dropzone.
  • Click Browse to locate the CSV file.

Work with the CSV template

Keep the following in mind as you fill out your CSV template.

Allowed CSV file characters

You can use these characters in your CSV file:

  • Alphabetic English characters in both upper and lower case
  • The numerals 0-9
  • These special characters: !@#$%^&*()_+-=[]{}:\\|.`~<>\/?
  • The following non-English characters:

àáâäǎæãåāçćčċďðḍèéêëěẽēėęğġgg͟hħḥh̤ìíîïǐĩīıįķk͟hłļľl̥ṁm̐òóôöǒœøõōřṛr̥ɽßşșśšṣs̤s̱sțťþṭt̤ʈùúûüǔũūűůŵýŷÿźžżẓz̤ÀÁ ÄǍÆÃÅĀÇĆČĊĎÐḌÈÉÊËĚẼĒĖĘĞĠGG͟HĦḤH̤ÌÍÎÏǏĨĪIĮĶK͟HŁĻĽL̥ṀM̐ÒÓÔÖǑŒØÕŌŘṚR̥ɌSẞŚŠŞȘṢS̤S̱ȚŤÞṬT̤ƮÙÚÛÜǓŨŪŰŮŴÝŶŸŹŽŻẒZ

View Update History

Use the Update History page to view CSV file uploads in your workspace over the last 30 days.

To view the Update History page:

  1. Navigate to Unify > Profile explorer or Engage > Audiences > Profile explorer.
  2. Click View update history.

Validation errors

The following table lists validation errors you may run into with your profiles and traits CSV upload:

Error Error Message
Invalid file types You can upload only .csv files. Change your file format, then try again.
Empty files This file contains no data. Add data to your CSV, then try again.
CSV parsing error We encountered an issue while parsing your CSV file. Validate the CSV file and try again.
Unexpected/fallback Something went wrong. Try again later.
Empty header row This file contains empty header(s). Remove the empty header(s), then try again.
File exceeds one million rows Too many rows. You can upload up to 1000000 rows.
File exceeds 299 columns Your CSV file is exceeding the limit of 299 columns.
File exceeds 100 MB Files can be up to 100 MB.
File contains a header with unallowed spaces This file contains leading, trailing or consecutive spaces. Remove leading, trailing or consecutive spaces, then try again.
File contains duplicate headers This file contains duplicate header(s). Remove duplicate header(s), then try again.
File contains invalid characters This file contains invalid character(s). Remove invalid character(s), then try again.
Unconfigured anonymous_id or missing Identifier column This file is missing an identifier column and does not have anonymous_id configured. Add an identifier column or add anonymous_id in your identity resolution configuration, then try again.

This page was last modified: 13 Feb 2024

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