Generative Audiences Nutrition Facts Label

Twilio’s AI Nutrition Facts provide an overview of the AI feature you’re using, so you can better understand how the AI is working with your data. Twilio outlines AI qualities in Generative Audiences in the Nutrition Facts label below. For more information, including the AI Nutrition Facts label glossary, refer to the AI Nutrition Facts page.

AI Nutrition Facts

Generative Audiences


Generate user audiences from text instructions

Privacy Ladder Level 1

Feature is Optional Yes

Model Type Generative

Base Model OpenAI - GPT-4

Trust Ingredients

Base Model Trained with Customer Data No

Customer Data is Shared with Model Vendor No

Training Data Anonymized   N/A

Data Deletion Yes

Human in the Loop Yes

Data Retention 30 days

Logging & Auditing No
Guardrails Yes

Input/Output Consistency No

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This page was last modified: 04 Mar 2024

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