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Consent Management is available to customers on Business tier plans.
See the available plans, or contact Support.

No. Segment’s deprecated open-source Consent Manager, which captures end user cookie consent, is not part of Segment’s Consent Management product, which focuses only on enforcing end user consent. Enforcing end user consent means sharing your end users’ data with only the destinations they consented to share data with and blocking the flow of their data to all other destinations.

Segment recommends moving from the deprecated, open-source Consent Manager to one that meets your legal compliance requirements.

All event streams destinations, with the exception of AWS S3 and Engage destinations, support consent enforcement.

You can use the Destination Actions framework to share the current status of your end-users’ consent with your Actions destinations.

For more information, see the Sharing consent with Actions destinations documentation.

Yes, you can use any commercially available CMP or custom solution to collect consent from your end users. If you use a CMP other than OneTrust, you must generate your own wrapper or other mechanism to add the following objects to the events collected from your sources:

Segment provides guidance about creating your own wrapper in the @segment/analytics-consent-tools GitHub repository.

This page was last modified: 02 May 2024

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