Protocols: APIs and Extensions

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Protocols is available as an add-on for Business plans only.
See the available plans, or contact Support.

Built from the ground up, Protocols addresses a wide range of customer needs.

With Protocols, you can help engineers reduce tracking errors, create issue notifications, and get the most out of your Tracking Plan. Below, learn about several Protocols resources that can help you address these and other common use cases.

Anomaly detection

If you’re using Protocols, you might want to get notifications when event volume anomalies or Protocols violation counts occur. Read Segment’s anomaly detection documentation to learn about common anomalies, as well as monitoring and alerting solutions you can implement using standard tools.

Public API

Protocols customers can access Segment’s Public API, which enables programmatic creation, configuration, and fetching of core Segment platform resources like Sources, Destinations, and Tracking Plans.

The Public API represents Segment’s commitment to developers, helping you extend your workflow around customer data collection and activation.

Supported Operations

  • List Tracking Plans
  • Get Tracking Plan
  • Create Tracking Plan
  • Update Tracking Plan
  • Delete Tracking Plan


Typewriter is a tool for generating strongly-typed Segment analytics libraries based on your pre-defined Tracking Plan spec. View Segment’s Typewriter documentation to get started.

This page was last modified: 03 Aug 2023

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