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Twilio Marketing Campaigns

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Twilio Engage Foundations Documentation

With Twilio Engage, you can send campaigns to users who have opted in to receive your marketing materials. On this page, you’ll learn how to create and send a mobile push campaign.

Some knowledge of the Journeys product will benefit you as you read through this guide. If you’re new to Journeys, the Journeys documentation will bring you up to speed.

How Engage campaigns work

Twilio Engage uses Journeys to send campaigns. With Journeys, you add conditions and steps that trigger actions like sending an email, an SMS, or a mobile push.

You’ll build and then send your campaign in three stages:

  1. Create a journey.
  2. Add a journey condition.
  3. Create, test, and publish your mobile push campaign.

Create a journey

Because Engage campaigns exist within Journeys, begin by creating a journey:

  1. In Engage, select Journeys, then click New Journey.
  2. Name your journey and select its entry settings.
  3. Click Build Journey to create the journey.

Add a Journey condition

With your Journey created, you’ll now create a condition that will trigger your campaign:

  1. Within the Journey builder, click + Add Entry Condition.
  2. In the Add Entry Condition pane, give the step a name.
  3. Click + Add Condition, select your desired condition, then click Save.

With your entry condition added, you’re now ready to create your mobile push campaign.

Create, test, and publish your mobile push campaign

Follow these steps to create a mobile push campaign:

  1. Within the Journey builder, click the + node below your new condition.
  2. From the Add step window, click Send a Push.
  3. In the Send a Push window, select the mobile push template you want to use, or click Create new template to build a new template.
  4. Review your template’s content and click behavior, then click Test or Continue.
  5. In the Send a Push modal, give the step a name, choose a messaging service, add any conversion goals, then click Save.
  6. In the Journey builder, click Publish.

Your mobile push campaign is now live. Users who trigger the mobile push step’s parent Journey condition will receive your campaign.

Test your mobile push template

Push tokens

Push tokens are unique identifiers Segment associates with each profile. For mobile push, you’ll need to configure identity resolution settings for the push tokens ios.push_token and android.push_token. Using the Profile explorer, you can find a profile’s push tokens by opening a profile and then selecting the Identities tab. You can only send mobile pushes to profiles with push tokens enabled.

Follow these steps to test your mobile push:

  1. Choose a template to test:
    • For new templates, select Test once you’ve finished building a template.
    • For existing templates, navigate to Engage > Content > Push, select the template you want to test, then click Test.
    • Mobile push templates have a content size limit of 4KB.
  2. Choose a messaging service and add a recipient.
    • You can add recipients using an email address or user ID.
  3. Click Send test push.

Segment verifies that the profile you’re sending a test to has a push token, then sends the test. If the test mobile push doesn’t work as expected, confirm that the profile you’re sending to has a push token.

This page was last modified: 15 Jul 2024

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