Support Access

To best assist you after you submit a support ticket, Segment’s Customer Success Engineers may request temporary access to your workspace. Once you grant access to your workspace, CSEs can access your workspace for up to 7 days, or until you revoke access.

Support Access is not available for workspaces using forced-SSO at this time.

Granting a Segment Support Engineer access to your account

Support Access is available for all Segment Workspace Owners and can be found on the Support Access tab of the Workspace Settings page.

Click Grant Access to allow a Segment Support Engineer to access your account.

Support privileges

When you grant Support Access, the Segment Support Engineers can do everything that you can do in your workspace.

How do I know it’s working?

Workspace Owners of Business Tier workspaces can view any Support Access actions in the Audit Trail. You can see and monitor:

  • Support Access Granted - you enabled Support Access in your Workspace Settings
  • Support Login - a Segment Support Engineer accessed your workspace with your account
  • Support Access Revoked - you revoked Support Access from your account

This page was last modified: 10 Nov 2022

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