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Protocols is available as an add-on for Business plans only.
See the available plans, or contact Support.

Protocols is only available for event stream (website, mobile, and server sources) and Engage sources.

Segment helps customers collect and integrate customer data across a wide range of tools and Destinations. To do so reliably, the data Segment receives must be clean, consistent and adhere to a well thought out tracking plan.

Protocols was built to automate and scale the data quality best practices developed over years of helping customers implement Segment. Investing in data quality will improve trust in your data, reduce time spent by your engineering and business teams navigating and validating data, and ultimately allow your business to grow faster.

Protocols is a premium add-on feature available to Business Tier customers. If your plan includes Protocols, you can access it from the protocols path in your workspace. If your plan doesn’t include Protocols, contact your Segment account executive.

There are four steps to using Protocols

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This page was last modified: 13 Jul 2023

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