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With your Tracking Plan complete, it’s time to apply the Tracking Plan to one or more Sources. Select Connect Source from the right hand menu for your specific Tracking Plan.

Screenshot of the Tracking Plans page, with the overflow menu selected.

From this menu, you will be redirected to a workflow to select a Source from your workspace. Note that a Source can only have one tracking plan applied to it. You can’t select a Source that already has a Tracking Plan connected to it, but you can apply a Tracking Plan to multiple sources.

After selecting a Source, you will be shown the consequences of connecting your Tracking Plan.

IMPORTANT: Make sure to read through the consequences of connecting a source!

Screenshot of the Review Consequences page, with one type and consequence detail present on the page.

Disconnect Source from Tracking Plan

To disconnect the Source from the Tracking Plan, go to the Tracking Plan overview page, locate the column for the tracking plan you want to disconnect, then click the icon under the Connected Sources. In the settings that appear, click Disconnect next to the Source you want to disconnect.

Animation of a user clicking on one of the sources attached to a tracking plan, clicking the disconnect button, and then confirming on a Disconnect source popup.

This page was last modified: 03 Aug 2023

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