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You’re just getting started with Segment, but there’s so much more to explore!

Privacy tools and filtering

Segment includes a free suite of Privacy tools to help your organization comply with regulations like the GDPR and the CCPA.

The Privacy Portal allows you to easily audit, monitor, and enforce privacy rules against your Segment data, to proactively protect your customers.

Improve data quality with Protocols

You had a taste of the planning needed to set up clear, consistent, reliable and extensible data schemas in Planning a Full Install.

Business tier customers can use Segment’s Protocols package to help with this process, to keep track of what data is being collected where, and to normalize their data as it flows through Segment. Clean, consistent data helps you move faster to build marketing campaigns and act on analytics insights.

With Protocols, you can use Tracking Plans to build consensus in your organization about which events and property you intend to collect across your web, mobile or server-side data sources. Once defined, you can connect the Tracking Plan to your Sources to automatically validate the data is flowing correctly. You can also turn on enforcement to block bad data, and even fix incorrect data with Transformations.

Single view of the customer with Engage

Engage is a powerful personalization platform that enables you to create unified customer profiles in Segment, to build and enrich audiences, and to activate audiences across marketing tools.

With Engage, you can create unified customer profiles, enrich those profiles with new traits, build Audiences using those profiles, and sync audiences to marketing tools to power personalized experiences, and better understand and market to your customers.

More learning resources

Segment University

Segment University is Segment’s free, online classroom for learning the basics of Segment.

Analytics Academy

Analytics Academy is a series of lessons designed to help you understand the value of analytics as a discipline, and to help you think through your analytics needs, and get started creating robust and flexible analytics systems to help you grow.


Need ideas or prior art? Segment Recipes are some cool things you can do by hooking your Segment workspace up to different Destination tools. Everything from sending tailored onboarding emails, to joining and cleaning your data with third party tools

Other Resources

Still hungry for more? Check out our list of other Segment Resources!

Technical Support

If you’re experiencing problems, have questions about implementing Segment, or want to report a bug, you can fill out our support contact form here and our Product Support Engineers will get back to you.

You need a Segment.com account in order to file a support request. Don’t worry! You can always sign up for a free workspace if you don’t already have one.

This page was last modified: 27 Sep 2022

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