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Set up Snowflake as your Reverse ETL source.

At a high level, when you set up Snowflake for Reverse ETL, the configured user/role needs read permissions for any resources (databases, schemas, tables) the query needs to access. Segment keeps track of changes to your query results with a managed schema (__SEGMENT_REVERSE_ETL), which requires the configured user to allow write permissions for that schema.

Set up guide

Follow the instructions below to set up the Segment Snowflake connector. Segment recommends you use the ACCOUNTADMIN role to execute all the commands below.

  1. Log in to your Snowflake account.
  2. Navigate to Worksheets.
  3. Enter and run the code below to create a database. Segment uses the database specified in your connection settings to create a schema called __segment_reverse_etl to avoid collision with your data. The schema is used for tracking changes to your model query results between syncs. An existing database can be reused, if desired. Segment recommends you to use the same database across all your models attached to this source to keep all the state tracking tables in 1 place.

    -- not required if another database is being reused
    CREATE DATABASE segment_reverse_etl;
  4. Enter and run the code below to create a virtual warehouse. Segment Reverse ETL needs to execute queries on your Snowflake account, which requires a Virtual Warehouse to handle the compute. You can also reuse an existing warehouse.

    -- not required if reusing another warehouse
    CREATE WAREHOUSE segment_reverse_etl
       AUTO_SUSPEND = 600 -- 5 minutes
  5. Enter and run the code below to create specific roles for Reverse ETL. All Snowflake access is specified through roles, which are then assigned to the user you’ll create later.

    -- create role
    CREATE ROLE segment_reverse_etl;
    -- warehouse access
    GRANT USAGE ON WAREHOUSE segment_reverse_etl TO ROLE segment_reverse_etl;
    -- database access
    GRANT USAGE ON DATABASE segment_reverse_etl TO ROLE segment_reverse_etl;
    GRANT CREATE SCHEMA ON DATABASE segment_reverse_etl TO ROLE segment_reverse_etl;
  6. Enter and run the code below to create the username and password combination that will be used to execute queries. Make sure to enter your password where it says my_strong_password.

    -- create user
    CREATE USER segment_reverse_etl_user
     DEFAULT_ROLE = segment_reverse_etl
     PASSWORD = 'my_strong_password'; -- Do not use this password
    -- role access
    GRANT ROLE segment_reverse_etl TO USER segment_reverse_etl_user;
  7. Follow the steps listed in the Add a Source section to finish adding Snowflake as a source.

This page was last modified: 28 Mar 2023

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