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Use Trait Activation to configure sync payloads that you send from Engage Audiences and Journeys to a Destination. Map traits from user profiles to Destinations, configure identifiers to sync, and choose a sync strategy that fits your use cases.

Trait Activation includes both Trait Enrichment and ID Sync. With Trait Enrichment, use custom, SQL, computed, and predictive traits to enrich the data you map to your destinations. Use ID Sync to select identifiers and a sync strategy for each identifier when syncing Engage Audiences to Destinations.

Trait Activation setup

To get started with Trait Activation, you’ll need to set up the destination that you’ll use with Trait Enrichment and ID Sync.

Set up your destination

Select your destination, view its Segment documentation, then follow the corresponding required setup steps.

Destination Type
Facebook Custom Audiences List
Google Ads Remarketing Lists List
Trait Activation also supports all cloud-mode Destination Actions.  


Segment recommends creating a new audience for Trait Enrichment and ID Sync. For existing audience destinations, both Trait Enrichment and ID Sync won’t resync the entire audience. Only new data flowing into Segment will adhere to new trait settings.

Contact Segment support if you’d like your Audience resynced with Trait Enrichment and ID Sync.

For Audiences larger than 50 million users, it may take several hours, or even days, to sync. Only one resync is allowed at a time for each workspace.

Use cases

Trait Enrichment and ID Sync can help you:

  • Increase advertising match rates: Expand the pool of users you advertise to and increase match rates by using traits and identifiers to find the right customers.

  • Include more personalized message content: Include traits in your payload for more up-to-date, accurate data.

  • Configure how you send identifiers to Destinations: Send the right identifiers to your destinations. For profiles with multiple identifiers, choose a strategy to select identifiers and send them downstream.

Next steps

To learn more about Trait Activation, visit the following docs:

  • Learn more about how to access Segment profile traits when you sync Audiences and Journeys to Destinations with Trait Enrichment.
  • Learn how to sync select identifiers and create a sync strategy with ID Sync.

This page was last modified: 29 Feb 2024

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