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Partner Owned
  • This integration is partner owned. Please reach out to the partner's support for any issues.

Movable Ink lets email marketers deliver jaw-dropping customer experiences. Movable Ink’s cloud-based software activates any data to generate intelligent content at the moment of open.

This destination enables you to send Segment event data which can be used to automatically generate personalized content at scale across email and mobile experiences.

This destination is maintained by Movable Ink. For any issues with the destination, please reach out to your Movable Ink Client Experience team.


A Movable Ink Stories license is required to use this integration. Please reach out to your Movable Ink client experience team with any questions.

You’ll need to share sample event payloads with your Movable Ink Client Experience team before enabling the destination in Segment. Your Client Experience team will then work with a Solutions Architect to map the event within Movable Ink and share an endpoint URL, access key ID, and access secret. This event mapping in Movable Ink and API credentials are required for a successful response.

Find sample event payloads in Segment:

To find sample event payloads in Segment:

  1. Navigate to Connections > Sources and click on the source you’d like to stream data from.
  2. Select the Debugger tab. You’ll see a list of incoming sample events.
  3. Select the event you’re interested in, then select Raw to view a full sample payload.
  4. Copy and paste this sample payload and share with your client experience team.

Your client experience manager will then provide you with a Movable Ink endpoint URL, access Key ID, and access secret.

Getting started

  1. From the Segment web app, navigate to Connections > Catalog, then select Destinations.
  2. Search for “Movable Ink (Actions)” and select it.
  3. Click Add Destination.
  4. Within the Settings tab of your destination, input your Movable Ink API credentials into the following fields:
    • Username: paste your Movable Ink Access Key ID
    • Access Secret: paste your Movable Ink Access Secret
    • Movable Ink URL: paste your Movable Ink Endpoint URL

Select events and event properties to stream to Movable Ink

“Send Entire Event” is the only action available with this destination. To configure this action:

  1. Navigate to the Mappings section of your destination.
  2. Select Edit Mapping and tailor the events you wish to send by adding or removing conditions that trigger this action.
  3. Preview the data:
    • Load a test event from the source or use a sample event for data preview.
  4. Map specific fields (optional):
    • Click Test Mapping to send a test event and identify any potential issues.
    • Return to the Mappings overview page and enable your mapping.
  5. Navigate to your integration’s Settings tab and activate the integration by toggling on Enable Destination.

For any unexpected errors, contact your Movable Ink client experience team with the full sample payload.

Destination Settings

Setting Description
Movable Ink URL Required.

The Movable Ink URL to send data to.

Access Secret Required.

Your Movable Ink Access Secret.

Username Required.

Your Movable Ink username

Available Presets

Movable Ink (Actions) has the following presets:

Preset Name Trigger Default Action
Send Entire Event Event type = "identify"
Event type = "track"
Event type = "page"
Event type = "screen"
Event type = "group"
Send Entire Event

Available Actions

Build your own Mappings. Combine supported triggers with the following Movable Ink-supported actions:

Mapping limits per destination

Individual destination instances have support a maximum of 50 mappings.

Send Entire Event

Send an entire Segment event to Movable Ink

Send Entire Event is a Cloud action.

Click to show / hide fields

Field Description
Headers Type: OBJECT

HTTP headers to send with each request. Only ASCII characters are supported.

Data Type: OBJECT

Payload to deliver to webhook URL (JSON-encoded).


You can send computed traits and audiences generated using Engage to this destination as a user property. To learn more about Engage, schedule a demo.

For user-property destinations, an identify call is sent to the destination for each user being added and removed. The property name is the snake_cased version of the audience name, with a true/false value to indicate membership. For example, when a user first completes an order in the last 30 days, Engage sends an Identify call with the property order_completed_last_30days: true. When the user no longer satisfies this condition (for example, it’s been more than 30 days since their last order), Engage sets that value to false.

When you first create an audience, Engage sends an Identify call for every user in that audience. Later audience syncs only send updates for users whose membership has changed since the last sync.

Real-time to batch destination sync frequency

Real-time audience syncs to Movable Ink (Actions) may take six or more hours for the initial sync to complete. Upon completion, a sync frequency of two to three hours is expected.


Segment lets you change these destination settings from the Segment app without having to touch any code.

Setting Description
Movable Ink URL
string. The Movable Ink URL to send data to.
Access Secret
string. Your Movable Ink Access Secret.
string. Your Movable Ink username

This page was last modified: 22 Nov 2023

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