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LinkedIn Audiences enables advertisers to send Segment Engage Audiences to LinkedIn as Matched Audiences using LinkedIn’s API.

By using Segment’s Engage Audiences with LinkedIn, you can increase traffic and drive conversions with hyper-relevant ads that promote product discovery.

Getting Started

Before connecting to the LinkedIn Audiences destination, you must have a LinkedIn Campaign Manager account and an Ad Account ID. In addition, the user authenticating with LinkedIn must have one of the following LinkedIn ad account roles: ACCOUNT_BILLING_ADMIN, ACCOUNT_MANAGER, CAMPAIGN_MANAGER, or CREATIVE_MANAGER.

To add the LinkedIn Audiences destination:

  1. From the Segment web app, navigate to Engage > Audiences. Ensure you are in the Engage space you plan to use with LinkedIn Audiences. Either choose an existing Engage Audience or create a new one. This is the Audience you plan to send to LinkedIn.

  2. Within the Audience, click Settings and copy the Audience Key. You’ll need this key later.

  3. Navigate to Engage > Engage Settings and click Destinations. Please ensure you are still in the correct Engage space.

  4. Search for “LinkedIn Audiences” and select the destination.

  5. Click Configure LinkedIn Audiences.

  6. On the Select Source screen, your Engage space should already be selected as the source. Click Confirm Source.

  7. On the Destination Settings tab, name your destination and authenticate with LinkedIn using OAuth.

  8. Once authenticated, input your LinkedIn Ad Account ID from your LinkedIn Campaign Manager account. Toggle “Enable Destination” on and click Save Changes.

  9. Navigate to the Mappings tab, click New Mapping, and select Sync To LinkedIn DMP Segment.

  10. Under Select mappings, input the Audience Key you copied in Step 2 as the “Segment Engage Audience Key.” Do not change any other defaults. Click Save and toggle to enable the mapping.
    • Note: The Audience Key must be manually entered to ensure users in the Engage Audience are sent to the correct DMP Segment in LinkedIn. For every Engage Audience you want to send to your LinkedIn Ads Account, a separate Sync To LinkedIn DMP Segment mapping must be created. You can create up to 50 mappings within an instance of the LinkedIn Audiences destination.
  11. Navigate back to Engage > Audiences and click on the Audience from Step 1.

  12. Click Add Destinations and select the LinkedIn Audiences destination you just created. In the settings that appear in the side panel, toggle the Send Track option on and do not change the Audience Entered/Audience Exited event names. Click Save Settings.

The setup is complete and the Audience will start syncing to LinkedIn. Segment automatically creates a new DMP Segment in LinkedIn and will add or remove users accordingly. The Audience appears in your LinkedIn Campaign Manager, account under Plan > Audiences > Matched.

To sync additional Audiences from your Engage space, create a separate mapping in the LinkedIn Audiences destination. Navigate to Connections > Destinations, search and select the LinkedIn Audiences destination, and follow Steps 9-11 above.

Destination Settings

Setting Description
LinkedIn Ad Account Id Required.

The id of the LinkedIn Ad Account where batches should be synced. You can find your Ad Account id in your LinkedIn Campaign Manager.

Send Email Required.

Whether to send email to LinkedIn. This setting applies to all mappings you create in this destination instance.

Send Google Advertising ID Required.

Whether to send Google Advertising ID to LinkedIn. This setting applies to all mappings you create in this destination instance.

Available Actions

Build your own Mappings. Combine supported triggers with the following LinkedIn Audiences-supported actions:

Mapping limits per destination

Individual destination instances have support a maximum of 50 mappings.

Sync To LinkedIn DMP Segment

Syncs contacts from a Personas Audience to a LinkedIn DMP Segment.

Sync To LinkedIn DMP Segment is a Cloud action. The default Trigger is: event = "Audience Entered" or event = "Audience Exited"

Click to show / hide fields

Field Description
DMP Segment Display Name Type: STRING

The display name of the LinkedIn DMP Segment. This field is set only when Segment creates a new audience. Updating this field after Segment has created an audience will not update the audience name in LinkedIn.

Enable Batching Type: BOOLEAN

Enable batching of requests to the LinkedIn DMP Segment.

User Email Type: STRING

The user’s email address to send to LinkedIn.

User Google Advertising ID Type: STRING

The user’s Google Advertising ID to send to LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Source Segment ID Type: STRING

A Segment-specific key associated with the LinkedIn DMP Segment. This is the lookup key Segment uses to fetch the DMP Segment from LinkedIn’s API.

Segment Engage Audience Key* Type: STRING

The audience_key of the Engage audience you want to sync to LinkedIn. This value must be a hard-coded string variable, e.g. personas_test_audience, in order for batching to work properly.

Event Name Type: STRING

The name of the current Segment event.

DMP User Action Type: STRING

A Segment specific key used to define action type.


Access & Refresh Tokens

LinkedIn’s OAuth access tokens have a time to live (TTL) of 60 days; refresh tokens have a TTL of one year. Segment automatically updates your access token as long as your refresh token is valid. You won’t see any errors or interruptions in data delivery if your access token expires while your refresh token is valid.

Upon expiry or revocation of a refresh token, you’ll see Refresh Token Expired errors in the Delivery Issues section of your LinkedIn Audiences destination Event Delivery tab.

Unknown errors from LinkedIn related to OAuth appear as Oauth Refresh Failed.

To remedy either error, please navigate to the Settings tab of your LinkedIn Audiences destination and select Reauthorize under the Connection heading and complete the OAuth flow.

This page was last modified: 08 Dec 2022

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