Insider Audiences (Actions)

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This destination is maintained by Insider. For any issues with the destination, contact the Insider Support team.

Getting started


Before connecting to the Insider Audiences (Actions) destination, you must have an Insider Account, Account Name, and a Unified Customer Database API Key.

To add the Insider Audiences Destination:

  1. From your Segment workspace, navigate to Connections > Catalog and select the Destinations tab.

  2. Search for Insider Audiences and select the destination.

  3. Click Add destination.

  4. Select the space in Engage to use as the Source as this destination only supports sending Engage Audiences to Insider.

  5. Name your destination on the settings tab.

  6. Add the following settings to your Insider Destinations:

  7. Click Save Changes.

  8. In the Mappings tab, click New Mapping and select Sync Engage Audience to Insider.

  9. Go to the Settings tab and enable the destination.

Your Insider destination is now ready to receive audiences, and your segment will start to populate over at Insider Audiences. To use the segment, select Segment Audience Name from your segmentation over at the Insider InOne panel. If you enable track option, Insider also receives the events defined on Segment Panel with the same name.

Be aware that, populating all user information might take a while to process.

Destination Settings

Setting Description
Account Name Required.

You can get your Account Name via Insider Inone Panel > Settings > Inone Settings > Account Preferences.

API Key Required.

You can get your API Key via Insider Inone Panel > Settings > Preferences > Integration Settings

Available Presets

Insider Audiences has the following presets:

Preset Name Trigger Default Action
Sync Engage Audience to Insider Event type = "track"
Event type = "identify"
Insider Audiences

Available Actions

Build your own Mappings. Combine supported triggers with the following Insider Audiences-supported actions:

Mapping limits per destination

Individual destination instances have support a maximum of 50 mappings.

Insider Audiences

Sync Audiences and Computed Traits from Segment to Insider InOne

Insider Audiences is a Cloud action. The default Trigger is: type = "track" or type = "identify"

Click to show / hide fields

Field Description
Custom Audience Name* Type: STRING

Name of custom audience list to which emails should added/removed

Segment Computation Action* Type: STRING

Segment computation class used to determine if action is an ‘Engage-Audience’

Append Array Fields Type: BOOLEAN

If enabled, new data for array fields will be appended to the existing values in Insider.

Email* Type: STRING

User’s email address for including/excluding from custom audience

Phone Type: STRING

User’s phone number for including/excluding from custom audience

traits or properties object* Type: OBJECT

Object which will be computed differently for track and identify events

User ID Type: STRING

Known user identifier for the user

Anonymous ID Type: STRING

Anonymous user identifier for the user

Event Type* Type: STRING

Type of event

Event Name Type: STRING

Name of event

Timestamp* Type: STRING

Timestamp of event

Migration from the classic Insider destination

If you’re already using the Insider (Classic) Destination, you’re not expected to have breaking changes when upgrading to the Insider (Actions) destination. You can configure the new Actions mode destination and connect it to the same source(s) as the Classic destination and manually verify it before fully switching over.

This page was last modified: 31 Jan 2024

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