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This page is about the HubSpot Web (Actions) Destination. See below for information about other versions of the HubSpot destination:

HubSpot is an all-in-one marketing tool that helps attract new leads and converts them into paying customers, with features like landing page creation and email automation.

When you use the HubSpot Web (Actions) destination, Segment loads the HubSpot tracking code for you. In addition to tracking page views, the HubSpot tracking code allows you to identify visitors, track events, and manually track page views without reloading the page. The tracking code API allows you to dynamically create events and track event data in HubSpot.

Benefits of HubSpot Web (Actions) vs HubSpot Classic

HubSpot Web (Actions) provides the following benefits over the classic HubSpot destination:

  • Fewer settings. Data mapping for actions-based destinations happens during configuration, which eliminates the need for most settings.
  • Clearer mapping of data. Actions-based destinations enable you to define the mapping between the data Segment receives from your source, and the data Segment sends to the destination.
  • Granular control over data sent. You can customize the conditions under which the events are sent to HubSpot.
  • Support for custom behavioral events. Send custom behavioral events and event properties to HubSpot.
  • Improved tracking for single-page apps. Keep track of page views in a single-page application without reloading the tracking code.

Getting Started

  1. From the Segment web app, navigate to Connections > Catalog.
  2. Search for HubSpot Web (Actions) in the Destinations Catalog, and select the destination.
  3. Click Configure HubSpot Web (Actions).
  4. Select the web source that will send data to HubSpot Web (Actions) and follow the steps to name your destination. The web source chosen must use Analytics.js 2.0.
  5. On the Settings tab, input your HubSpot Hub ID and configure the other destination settings.
  6. Follow the steps in the Destinations Actions documentation on Customizing mappings.
  7. Enable the destination and configured mappings.

Destination Settings

Setting Description
Enable the European Data Center SDK.

Enable this option if you would like Segment to load the HubSpot SDK for EU data residency.

Flush Identify Calls Immediately

Enable this option to fire a trackPageView HubSpot event immediately after each Segment identify call to flush the data to HubSpot immediately.

Format Custom Behavioral Event Names

Format the event names for custom behavioral event automatically to standard HubSpot format (pe`_event_name`).

Load Forms SDK

Enable this option if you would like Segment to automatically load the HubSpot Forms SDK onto your site.

Hub ID Required.

The Hub ID of your HubSpot account.

Available Presets

HubSpot Web (Actions) has the following presets:

Preset Name Trigger Default Action
Upsert Contact Event type = "identify"
Upsert Contact
Track Custom Behavioral Event Event type = "track"
Track Custom Behavioral Event
Track Page View Event type = "page"
Track Page View

Available Actions

Build your own Mappings. Combine supported triggers with the following HubSpot Web-supported actions:

Mapping limits per destination

Individual destination instances have support a maximum of 50 mappings.

Upsert Contact

Create or update a contact in HubSpot.

Upsert Contact is a Web action. The default Trigger is: type = "identify"

Click to show / hide fields

Field Description
Email Address* Type: STRING

The contact’s email. Email is used to uniquely identify contact records in HubSpot and create or update the contact accordingly.

External ID Type: STRING

A custom external ID that identifies the visitor.

Custom Properties Type: OBJECT

A list of key-value pairs that describe the contact. Please see HubSpot`s documentation for limitations in updating contact properties.

Company Name Type: STRING

The name of the company the contact is associated with.

Country Type: STRING

The name of the country the contact is associated with.

State Type: STRING

The name of the state the contact is associated with.

City Type: STRING

The name of the city the contact is associated with.

Street Address Type: STRING

The street address of the contact.

Postal Code Type: STRING

The postal code of the contact.

Track Custom Behavioral Event

Send a custom behavioral event to HubSpot.

Track Custom Behavioral Event is a Web action. The default Trigger is: type = "track"

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Field Description
Event Name* Type: STRING

The internal event name assigned by HubSpot. This can be found in your HubSpot account. If the “Format Custom Behavioral Event Names” setting is enabled, Segment will automatically convert your Segment event name into the expected HubSpot internal event name format.

Event Properties Type: OBJECT

A list of key-value pairs that describe the event.

Track Page View

Track the page view for the current page in HubSpot.

Track Page View is a Web action. The default Trigger is: type = "page"

Click to show / hide fields

Field Description
Path String Type: STRING

The path of the current page. The set path will be treated as relative to the current domain being viewed.

FAQ & Troubleshooting

Why aren’t my custom behavioral events appearing in HubSpot?

HubSpot has several limits for custom behavioral events, including a limit on the number of event properties per event. Each event can contain data for up to 50 properties. If this limit is exceeded, HubSpot will truncate to only update 50 properties per event completion. See HubSpot documentation for other limits.

A HubSpot Enterprise Marketing Hub account is required to send Custom Behavioral Events.

This page was last modified: 08 Dec 2022

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